Visual Repositioning for Veganz

To communicate a new product category attractively to the consumer and make it unmistakable: Veganz, a pioneer in plant-based food, set itself this task together with Studio Oeding. The result is impressive. And it shows the importance of packaging in marketing.

The goal was ambitious: After all, the claim was to “completely redefine a category”. Veganz, specialist for plant-based food, has been working on the relaunch of the brand together with designer Katrin Oeding since the end of 2017. Initial questions of the visual repositioning: Why must “organic” and “organic” always look the same? How do you manage to give the Veganz brand its own identity and special conciseness in the new vegan segment? “For vegan, there was no clearly defined design code when we started,” designer Oeding explains the initial situation. The aim was to make the brand light, personal and with an eye for detail for a strong shelf impact in the European market.

“Handmade character” emphasized

So in cooperation with the marketing team of Veganz a design with “handmade character” was created. Components of the new Veganz design include fresh colours to differentiate the products and varieties, but also new materials, such as recycled paper with an open structure (“lax packaging”). Overall, the packaging design will be used more for communication with the consumer. Because Veganz and designer Oeding agree that packaging is an important communicator and source of inspiration, especially for new product concepts. The new corporate design developed at the end of 2018 was gradually implemented on the packaging design of existing products and in all new developments. More than 40 products have been visible in the new design in retail outlets since early summer 2020. By the end of 2020, all packaging designs of Veganz products are to be converted to the new corporate design.

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