Sustainability is the Dominant Subject in Tube Design

With the Canesten tube from Bayer and the Farfalla hair care tube, Hoffmann Neopac has supplied two “Tubes of the Year”. In the case of aluminium tubes, the award, which is presented by the European Tube Manufacturers Association, went to a tube for jam and one for hand cream. 

Because of Corona, many things went differently this year, including the “Tube of the Year” competition, organized by the European Tube Manufacturers Association (etma). The winners were not chosen by a jury from among etma’s member companies, as is usually the case, but by an expert jury of renowned representatives of the industry – brand owners, companies in the tube and flexible packaging industry, packaging designers, market researchers and representatives of packaging trade fairs. The predominant subject of the competition was, as could hardly be expected otherwise, sustainability.

Jam from the tube

There were two winners for aluminium tubes. The tubes from the German start-up Marmetube, produced by Tubex from Austria, and the tube supplied by Alltub France for Miller Harris hand cream both achieved the highest score. The winning tube for the jam was produced by Tubex from 100 percent post-industrial recycled aluminum (PIR aluminum). The use of PIR aluminium significantly improves the environmental balance of the tube by reducing CO2 emissions by up to 40 percent.

At the same time, all the advantages of the aluminium tube are retained, as the association emphasizes. It is lighter than glass and also unbreakable. The product protection ensures a long shelf life and makes additional preservatives superfluous. Another winner in the category is the golden shiny aluminium tube for hand cream by Miller Harris. It is from Alltub France and is designed in retro style with black octagonal caps. The combination of golden shine and fine black lettering creates an elegant impression and a luxurious look, praises the association.

Hygienic solution

Among the laminate tubes, the Canesten tube from Bayer, produced by Hoffmann Neopac, took first place. Before its use, the cream for the treatment of athlete’s foot was offered with a conventional screw cap. However, many patients were uncomfortable touching the area to be treated. With the soft spatula applicator the athlete’s foot can be treated without any finger contact. The polyfoil laminate protects the product from light, air and water vapour diffusion and prevents migration.

In the plastic tube category, the winner was also a tube from Hoffmann Neopac with the Farfalla hair care tube. Farfalla offers exclusively natural and vegan beauty products. The tube consists of 50 percent PIR plastic material. It is also certified for food contact and is approved accordingly by the FDA. In the sustainability category, the Supercoco and Supergreen tubes came out on top in the competition. The tubes for vegan toothpaste from happybrush are from Essel Germany. In addition to using 30 percent PCR, the tube’s reduced wall thickness also reduces its weight by a further 30 percent. The bottom line is a total saving of 60 percent of new resources.

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