High Quality Cosmetics in Luxurious Packaging

The Polish premium brand Dr. Irena Eris needed secondary product packaging for two facial care lines. These should reflect the highest quality level. A special cellulose cardboard from Sappi now expresses the brand’s claim.

The cosmetic brand “Dr. Irena Eris” is one of the best known and most popular cosmetic brands in Poland. Founded in 1983 by the Polish pharmacist and entrepreneur Irena Szołomicka-Orfinger, in 2012 it was the only Polish brand to even be admitted to the renowned French association of luxury brands Comité Colbert.

The company was looking for a convincing high-end packaging solution for the two facial care lines “Authority” and “Art of Lifting”. “The challenge was to achieve a luxurious look – packaging that would reflect the exclusivity of the products inside,” says Magdalena Sobińska, design director at the Kosmetyczne Laboratory Dr. Irena Eris.

Wow effect offer

The company was looking for a material for a very special and eye-catching design of folding boxes that offers customers a wow effect: Two different shapes were required for each facial care line: an interlocking folding box with a partially recessed line and a triangular shaped package.

Especially the interlocking box was a challenge already in its construction. This is because the lid of the box is shorter than the product lid, creating a significant gap between the lid and the lower part of the packaging. In addition, the lid is supported on the inside by a special support structure on the cap to keep it stable.

In Sappi’s “Algro Design Nature” cellulose carton, both beauty care product lines appear in a sparkling gold design. A metallization effect on the cardboard makes the packaging radiate luxury.

Higher grammage reflects value

“Other Algro Design family members had already been used for previous packaging solutions for various beauty care lines by Dr. Irena Eris,” explains Didem Tekbas, Brand Owner Manager Paperboard Packaging & Speciality Papers at Sappi Europe. “Therefore, the design team knew the material, its processing properties and its reliable application for premium packaging”.

Specifically, Algro Design Nature was used for the professional beauty care series “Authority” in the higher grammages 350 and 380 g/m² for better stiffness, while a slightly lighter grammage of 330 g/m² was chosen for the Prosystem home care series “Art of Lifting”. This is because “Authority” is the most expensive range of the brand available on the market.

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