Recycled Aluminum for Deodorant Sprays

Drugstore retailer Rossmann is taking further steps toward sustainability with its own brand Isana. Twelve deodorant sprays are getting sustainable packaging. Instead of using primary aluminum, Rossmann says it will use 100 percent recycled aluminum for the spray cans of its deodorants in the future.

From the raw material into the packaging, to the consumer, via the yellow bag into processing and back into the packaging as a secondary raw material – a cycle that can be repeated as often as required. This is the goal in the material changeover of Isana deodorant sprays. Since December 2021, this has applied to the majority of Isana deosprays.

CO2 comparative balances and laboratory analyses show that the use of 100 percent recycled aluminum can save around 130 tons of CO2 per year for Isana Soft Blossom Deo 150 ml alone, the company says. This corresponds to a percentage CO2 saving of around 50 percent. Extrapolations for all women’s deodorants also show an annual saving of around 1,000 tons of CO2, it says. This is because the recycling process requires less energy than the primary production of aluminum. The spray cans with the lower-emission CO2 footprint come from the recyclable materials cycle and can find their way back there via the yellow bag or the yellow garbage can. This means that no new material is used, but old is turned into new. “The recyclable material can be recycled as many times as desired without any loss of quality,” the company says.

“Sustainable product stewardship is an important strategic pillar for our Rossmann brands. Together with and for our customers, we as a retail company create a diverse, environmentally friendly range of products. We are continuously working to make our products, including their packaging, even more sustainable. With the Isana deodorant sprays, we have succeeded in taking an important step in the direction of a circular economy and CO2 savings,” says Managing Director Raoul Roßmann. Customers can recognize the deodorant sprays made from recycled aluminum, which are gradually being introduced into the market, by the recycled seal.

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