Recyclable Fruit Peels at Asda

The British supermarket chain Asda is launching a new, 100 percent recyclable blueberry peel. The packaging concept is also to be extended to other products such as grapes and tomatoes.

The British supermarket chain Asda, which belongs to the American Walmart group, has introduced new skins for blueberries. They have been designed so that consumers do not have to remove the lids in order to recycle them. The entire bowl can be put in the recycling recycling bin as a whole.

According to Asda, the volume of blueberry shells alone is 5.5 million pieces per year. In addition, Asda announced that the new packaging design will be tested on several other fresh products such as grapes and tomatoes. This would result in savings of around 110 million lids per year.

Reducing plastic consumption step by step

“We continue to work hard on innovative solutions to help our customers on the way to less consumption and more recycling,” said Fiona Dobson, Brand Packaging Development Manager at Asda. “This latest step to make recycling easier for our customers is another important step towards our goal as retailers to make all of our private label packaging 100 percent recyclable by 2025”.

In June, Asda announced that it would no longer offer plastic forks in salads. This will save the company 24.5 million plastic forks per year. Asda is also removing plastic from freestanding display units and customer signage in stores across the country.

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