Arla Saves Plastic

Arla Skyr now uses 40 percent less plastic for the large 1-kilo Skyr container. The container is completely recyclable. The large European dairy cooperative is thus taking a further step towards its goal of optimizing its packaging portfolio.

It’s the quantity that counts: After all, 17 million 1-kilo Arla Skyr containers are bought by consumers in Europe every year. Now the dairy cooperative Arla Foods is introducing more sustainable packaging for this, as it announced in June 2020. Initially, the new containers will be available in five of Arla’s core markets: Denmark, Germany, Sweden, the UK and the Netherlands. “Last year, we made more than one billion packages more environmentally friendly across Europe. With our new Arla Skyr containers we are now taking the next step,” explains Lise Berg Kildemark, Director of Sustainable Packaging at Arla Foods.

Less plastic, more cardboard

Each 1-kilo container consists of 16 grams less plastic than the packaging used previously. In addition, both the container and the lid are fully recyclable. This saves 40 percent plastic, which according to Arla’s calculations corresponds to 270 tons of plastic per year. The polypropylene container is stabilized by a cardboard cover.

The jacket can be easily separated from the container by the consumer and recycled separately, Arla says. “We are constantly trying to improve our CO2 balance and make our packaging more sustainable. There is no doubt that we need to use less plastic if we are to achieve this goal,” Kildemark emphasizes.

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