Bio-based Packaging for Baby Food

Bimbosan now launches baby food in a new flat-bottom bag. This bag consists of more than 40 percent renewable raw materials. Thanks to the optimization of the polyethylene sealing layer, the weight of the final packaging is also 10 percent lower than before.

Generations of Swiss people have grown up with Bimbosan. The company has been producing baby food since 1932. Together with ProAmpac, specialist for flexible packaging, a special packaging solution has now been designed for Bimbosan’s new premium baby food as well as for the cereal additives and cereal mashes.  The Form-Fill-Seal bag ProActive Renewable contains more than 65 percent organic resin in the sealing layer. This means that over 40 percent of the total packaging is made from renewable raw materials.

Biologically based polyethylene granules

During the production of the vegetable raw materials of biologically based polyethylene carbon dioxide is consumed and oxygen is released. Thus the bioplastic has a comparatively good CO2 balance. “Bimbosan has always had the claim to produce special and sustainable products for babies”, says Daniel Baerlocher, managing director of Bimbosan. The fact that ProAmpac’s primary packaging can now also be produced in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way supports the efforts to leave an intact environment for children.

Thanks to the reformulation and optimization of the polyethylene sealing layer, the weight of the final packaging has been reduced by 10 percent. “A contribution to the sustainable design of the packaging is that it is film-free, yet still provides an excellent barrier to protect against light, moisture, oxygen and mineral oils that would alter or even rot the sensitive powder inside,” explains Manuel Jaggi, Manager of Product Development and Innovation at ProAmpac.

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