A Cup that Separates Itself

With the K3 r100 cup, Greiner Packaging has developed a sustainable packaging solution in which the cardboard wrap separates independently from the plastic cup on its way to the recycling plant. This enables maximum recyclability and shows what innovation in the packaging industry should look like. For K3 r100, Greiner Packaging was among the finalists at the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe.

The Plastics Recycling Awards Europe are presented annually as an award for outstanding achievements in the European plastics recycling industry. The awards provide insight into current developments in the use of recycled materials, product design, and innovative manufacturing across Europe, and bring together stakeholders from the plastics and recycling industries. With K3 r100, Greiner Packaging ranked among the top finalists in the “Product Technology Innovation of the Year 2022” category.

Until now, the separation of cardboard-plastic combinations was strongly dependent on the will of the consumer. With the K3 r100, the two materials separate by themselves – and already on the way to the r

ecycling plant. As a result, cardboard and plastic can already be assigned to the correct material streams and recycled during the first sorting process. Nevertheless, the Greiner cup still retains the simple tear-off solution, which allows consumers to separate the packaging into its components themselves as before. “The award shows that we are going in the right direction and that our efforts are paying off,” says Konrad Wasserbauer, Global Director Circular Economy at Greiner Packaging.

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