Smart Bees and Virtual Rabbits

Whether Smarties, Wagner or Nesquik: Nestlé is increasingly using “augmented reality”, especially to anchor brands with younger target groups. In this context, packaging is an important contact point for the distribution of content.

With “Smart Bees”, a special edition of the “Smarties” brand, Nestlé is once again using augmented reality for marketing purposes in the period from April to June 2020. With “Smart Bees”, a special app can be accessed via a QR code on the packaging, which interactively reveals interesting facts about bees. In addition, the app shows how bees can be used.

There is even a building instruction for an insect hotel. “We want to provide added educational value and explain the importance of bees in a playful way,” emphasizes Nora Bartha-Hecking, spokesperson for products and brands at Nestlé.

Making additional content accessible

Packaging is an important point of contact for Nestlé in campaigns like these. “Digitalisation offers the possibility of offering additional content on packaging,” emphasizes Bartha-Hecking. One observes that there is a great acceptance of augmented reality content, especially among younger target groups. “In the online world, augmented reality filters are also a big trend.” This is especially true for Instagram. “But the filters are also spreading to platforms like Facebook.”

“Funny selfie videos.”

In Germany, Nestlé is already using augmented reality for various brands, for example Wagner’s “Big City Pizza” range. “Wagner is the first pizza manufacturer to use this technology,” emphasizes the spokeswoman. “Consumers can activate various camera filters via smartphone scan of a QR code printed on the promo folding boxes to experience exciting augmented reality games or funny selfie videos”.

The installation of a separate app is not necessary, the filter function can be used on Facebook and Instagram. For example, anyone who calls up the code for “Big City Pizza London” can virtually stand guard at Buckingham Palace. At “Big City Pizza Boston”, a basketball game will tempt you.

Nesquik Rabbit at Instagram

In addition, two AR filters were set up on Instagram for the Nesquik brand. “One of them puts the well-known Nesquik bunny in the spotlight,” explains Bartha-Hecking. “Instagram users can use the AR filter to transform themselves into the Nesquik Bunny. The individual elements are matched to the user’s natural movements.”

Several people can use the filter simultaneously. A second filter gives the possibility to edit photos with color overlays. “Both filters are available indefinitely on the Nesquik Instagram Channel.”


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