Even More Deposit Glass at Alnatura

Now Alnatura also offers ketchup, lentils, rice and cane sugar in a deposit jar. The company is thus once again focusing on recycling management. Step by step, Alnatura intends to further expand the use of returnable glass in its product range.

This year, Alnatura has already added various nuts, nut muse, teas and muesli in returnable glass jars to its range. There has been a lot of positive feedback from customers. For this reason, a total of 16 additional articles will be offered in returnable glass jars from mid-July 2020, for example red lentils, basmati rice and raw cane sugar from the Pfandwerk brand. The young company Bananeira developed the Pfandwerk brand exclusively for the “Alnatura Super Natur markets”. Bananeira exclusively sells fair trade and organic food.

Soon more products in returnable glass

Alnatura is the first chain-store retailer to offer such a wide range of different foods in a deposit jar. The returnable deposit jars are standard yoghurt jars or milk bottles that can be easily reintegrated into a regional deposit cycle when returned. Each jar can thus be reused up to 50 times.

“The reusable cycles for juice, water, beer and for milk and yoghurt have proven themselves,” confirms Isabell Kuhl, packaging expert at Alnatura. Alnatura intends to continuously expand its range with reusable alternatives. Other milk substitute drinks, coffee and other tea varieties in returnable glass are already planned.

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