Reusable Lids for Yoghurt Pots

Together with Berglandmilch, Greiner Packaging has developed a reusable lid. The new snap-on lid has been used by the brands Schärdinger, Tirol Milch and Stainzer since April 2020.

Opened yoghurt pots can be carefully resealed: For this purpose, Berglandmilch from Austria has now brought a new solution onto the market together with Greiner Packaging: a slip lid which is reusable and, with a diameter of 95 millimetres, fits onto the most common yoghurt cups.

It is injection-moulded and, according to the manufacturer, dishwasher-safe. According to Greiner Packaging, the reusability of the lid helps to save plastic and at the same time contributes to a longer shelf life of food. If the polypropylene lid has to be disposed of, it will ideally be recycled and reused in new plastic products.

Pulling together

“Environmentally conscious and yet practical – with the reusable lid we can offer consumers a sustainable solution that is convincing on several levels,” emphasizes Verena Sallinger, Product Manager of Berglandmilch. “We are pleased that more and more customers are working together with us on sustainable packaging solutions and we can show that a circular economy in the packaging sector can work if all stations of the supply chain pull together”, adds Konrad Wasserbauer, Director Circular Economy at Greiner Packaging.

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