Toothbrush in Packaging Made from Recycled Paper

Dr.Best’s new packaging is recyclable and can be disposed of completely in waste paper.

Toothbrush brand Dr.Best has gradually switched its products to plastic-free packaging. The switch is part of the company’s internal sustainability strategy. After three relaunch stages, the complete toothbrush range for adults (except vibration) will be packaged in an environmentally friendly way by August 2021, he said. The new 100 percent plastic-free packaging is made of more than 85 percent recycled paper.

Instead of using plastic, Dr.Best’s new, modern packaging design relies on innovative viewing windows made from the renewable plant component cellulose. This allows an unobstructed view of the brush head and flex zone during purchase. Consumer studies have shown that consumers always want to see the brush head when buying a toothbrush, the manufacturer explains.

Nina Lukas, Brand Management at Dr. Best, explains, “As the market leader, we are aware of our responsibility for the environment and have therefore deeply embedded sustainability in our brand strategy and product development. With the major range relaunch to 100 percent plastic-free packaging, we are now saving 325,000 kilograms of plastic annually and, set a new market standard with the new packaging made of recycled paper and its viewing window made from cellulose.”

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