Every second person blames himself

45.4 percent of citizens consider themselves to be part of consumer society and primarily responsible for plastic waste in the oceans.

The German Packaging Institute e. V. (dvi) asked citizens for their opinions on the topics of packaging, plastics and sustainability. The result of the representative tns-infratest survey reveals that when asked about responsibility for plastic waste in the sea, almost every second consumer (45.4 percent) feels part of the consumer society and hence obliged to assume responsibility for plastic waste in the sea . In the opinion of the population, the manufacturers of products and packaging as well as the trade bear only insignificantly less responsibility (35.8 percent).

When it comes to the question of suitable measures for avoiding waste, people in Germany also have a clear idea of what is to be done. More than 40 percent of consumers would like to see a stronger focus on the important core tasks of protection and safety (43.7 percent). More than one in three would like to drive the development of alternative packaging materials ahead (37.5 percent). Around one in three citizens is in favour of stricter legal requirements for the use of recycled materials or a ban on environmentally harmful materials (31.3 percent). One in four would like to promote companies that protect their products with reusable or returnable packaging covered by a deposit scheme (24.9 percent).


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For the dvi, the results of the survey are an appeal to all those involved from the fields of politics, business and industry: „We are all in the same boat together,“ says Kim Cheng, Managing Director of the dvi. „That is why we not only welcome the citizens‘ reflected and independent view. We also see ourselves above all as responsible. After all, it is the product manufacturers, the packaging industry and the retailers who must make appropriate solutions possible. Above all, we must make it easy for people. Consumers want solutions, not tasks. For as the survey also shows – consumption itself is not to be altered“, says Cheng.