New solutions in the Digital World

The use of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions in the packaging and transport sector is a topic of the TECHBOX forum. Experts will describe their research results intended for use in practice.

The session Deployment of IoT solutions (Internet of Things) in the packaging and transport sector will highlight current examples of the deployment of IoT solutions  in the packaging and logistics sector from research and practice. Speakers Professor Andreas Harth and Andreas Hölczli will describe and explain their project results in the TECHBOX forum on the third day of the trade fair, Thursday, September 30, starting at 12 p.m., and will conclude by discussing the status quo with moderator Uwe Veres-Homm from the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) .

Andreas Harth studied computer science, earned his doctorate in Ireland, completed his habilitation at the KIT in Karlsruhe and, after research stations at universities in Heidelberg, Austria, and California, now holds the Chair of Information Systems, in particular Technical Information Systems, at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. At the same time, he heads the department „DATA SPACES & IOT SOLUTIONS“ at Fraunhofer IIS. The development of methods and technologies for decentralized information systems, for example on the Internet, as well as their use in companies is his research topic. In numerous research projects with industry participation, he has investigated the integration of data, for example using Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies, and the interaction of components, for example using process modeling languages. Applications of these methods and technologies can be found on the Internet of Things and the Web of Things, as well as around the topic area of the Industry 4.0.

New business models with special load carriers in the cloud

Harth’s presentation, he said, will introduce the just-completed research project, which examined the challenges of container management in the digital world using the German automotive industry as an example. „By developing a modular containers, evaluating different hardware smart devices and software platforms, and presenting new business models, the project team proposed and prototyped a comprehensive solution for the special load carriers of the future,“ Harth said upon request. The presentation will provide insights into challenges, solutions, and a concrete case of use.

Load carriers are the central logistics objects for transporting components and products in value-added networks. The development and use of special load carriers for individual components is associated with high costs for the companies involved in short load carrier usage cycles. This challenge particularly affects the automotive industry with its short-cycle product renewals.

Andreas Hölczli has been in charge of the digital unit at ABF-Pharmazie GmbH & Co. KG. Until the end of 2019, he was responsible for the research field of IoT applications in production and logistics at the Fraunhofer Working Group for Supply Chain Services at Fraunhofer IIS, where he headed the IoTApplication group. „ABF“ is a pharmaceutical group of companies based in Fürth, Germany. The group manufactures patient-specific infusion solutions and injections, including in the fields of cancer and ophthalmology.

Briefly noted: technical lecture Sept. 30, 2021, 12 to 1 p.m. Forum TECHBOX – Hall 3C, Booth 3C-311. Information on how to register for FACHPACK and its digital supplement myFACHPACK can be found here.