Packaging in the „New Normal“

The impact of the corona pandemic affects all sectors of the economy. Robert Lockyer, CEO of Delta Global, a luxury packaging provider, explains the demands being placed on packaging and how brands can meet consumer expectations.

Almost every sector of the economy will have to adapt to a „new normality“ in the wake of the corona pandemic. Of course this also applies to the packaging industry. Robert Lockyer, CEO of Delta Global, is convinced: Every point of contact of a purchase has to be rethought. He believes that packaging plays an important role in connecting brands with customers and should be a particular priority in a company’s post-corona strategy.

Lockyer expects that many consumers will remain anxious. The concerns should be taken into account. „For example, by streamlining supply chains, the number of hands touching a package can be reduced to a minimum,“ says Lockyer.

The materials used should also be checked: Preference should be given to materials that are easy to wipe off. In addition, the materials should be able to withstand all weather conditions for contactless deliveries and packages that are left outside.

High expectations

However, Lockyer also assumes that expectations regarding environmental compatibility and sustainability will remain high. „Brands are being held accountable by increasingly ethical consumers for their performance in relation to climate change,“ says the packaging expert.

„Durable and minimal packaging can solve any safety problem, but it can also do more than the bare minimum for the environment“. For example, a box that is truly durable can be reused by the customer – whether as a storage or decorative solution. And thus give the packaging a „second life“.

Creating added value

Against this background Lockyer shows that Second-Hand fashion is on the rise. His idea: If sellers have kept the original packaging, this can increase the value of a piece when reselling it. Making this known, especially for luxury goods, is a good way to encourage customers to keep their packaging.

He also believes that packaging should be enriched with further added value, for example by carrying brand messages. For example, a personalized thank you card could be enclosed. Digital formats are an alternative: Printed URLs and scannable QR codes lead to a thank you video of the CEO. Such elements would set brands apart from the competition.