New ways to transport packaging

Hot glue instead of cartons and plastic sheeting: Robatech GmbH opts for a system to stabilise pallets.

In order to transport packages on pallets, layers of film have previously been placed between cartons and the pallet loads wrapped in film sheeting. Robatech GmbH has opted for AntiSlip Gluing to save the additional costs and higher recycling costs: The hot glue is applied directly to the packaging units. The company presented the system at the BrauBeviale trade fair in Nuremberg in 2018.

Applying a thin squiggle or bead of hot glue on the top side of the packages produces a safe and stable unit when they are stacked on a pallet. The anti-slip gluing solution can be positioned at the exit from the palletizing station, where two traces of hotmelt are applied. Or it can be located at the entrance to the station for the case packer, where several lines of packaging units are glued simultaneously and in parallel. The palletizing function with a box counter integrated into the order control ensures that no adhesive is applied to the top layer of packages.

Only as much adhesive as needed is applied to ensure that the packaging units hold together securely. Intermediate layers can be largely dispensed with. Either no or only a small amount of film sheeting – for example as dust protection – is required for securing goods on the pallet. When the protective film is removed, the AntiSlip Gluing ensures the stability of the unit and the integrity of the goods.