Reusable drums

They no longer need to be cleaned and they have a long service life –  the new Ecodraft drums from the Belgian company Cardiff Group NV, which presented its innovative products at BrauBeviale in Nuremberg.

In collaboration with a number of Belgian breweries, Ecodraft has developed reusable 18-litre and 30-litre drums. These drums can be used for up to ten years. This is made possible by a patented double-bag system in the drum. The liquid is in the plastic bag, which is exchanged. Return transport and chemical cleaning of the drum are thus no longer necessary.

Ecodraft offers an alternative drum with an HDPE (high density polyethylene) outer body for beer, wine and other beverages. Thanks to their low weight, reduced diameter and sturdy handles, these drums are ergonomic and easy to handle. Another characteristic of the HDPE housing is that it does not explode, even under extremely destructive overpressure conditions. The overpressure is always reduced in a controlled manner. The interior of the Ecodraft barrels is made solely of pure and easy to use materials and laminates, without any aluminium layers being added.