Action: L’Oréal informs about Packaging with Janin Ullmann

Waste separation and recycling: the cosmetics group L’Oréal wants to inform consumers in cooperation with the Cologne-based Reclay Group. In the YouTube format „Garnier Green Talk,“ actress and presenter Janin Ullmann reports on topics such as packaging, production, or recycling.

Social and ecological commitment is more important than ever for companies today. The L’Oréal Group is well aware of this and tries to keep the social impact of its own behavior in mind during every decision it makes. According to the group, one focus here is on the development and handling of product packaging: this is because, in addition to ease of use, an appealing design, and product protection, the recyclability of packaging is also essential today. In order to standardize its internal processes in this area, meet its sustainability targets,  and encourage its customers to help, the cosmetics company with brands such as Garnier counts on the support of the Cologne-based Reclay Group, an internationally active service provider in the field of recycling and materials management.

But it is not only the L’Oréal Group itself that relies on the Reclay Group: Individual brands of the Group, such as Garnier, also use the recycling experts’ know-how for their daily work. In addition to workshops and the assessment of the recyclability of packaging, the Reclay Group also supported L’Oreal in creating an information video for consumers and Garnier fans. In the YouTube format „Garnier Green Talk,“ presenter and actress Janin Ullmann goes in search of clues and provides information on topics such as packaging, production, or even recycling. For the latest episode, a visit was made to an LVP sorting plant to not only explain sorting in detail to consumers, but also to accompany Garnier packaging on its way through the plant. The elaborately produced videos are intended not only to inform customers but also to encourage them to help and get a feel for what happens to the packaging waste after it is thrown into the yellow bag.


The Reclay Group and the L’Oréal group of companies, which also includes Garnier, already have a long partnership: it all began with the weighing and checking of master data and the optimization of packaging.

Since 2020, L’Oréal Germany and Austria have also been  listed as licensed customers of the Cologne-based recycling experts. At the same time, the partners are working on the cosmetics company’s internal processes, making its own brands more sustainable and thus optimally adapt them to the Group’s needs and endeavors. Another relevant concern: packaging recyclability. In order to also be on track regarding this important topic for customers both internally and externally and to be able to act in the best possible way, the Reclay Group invited participants to a workshop and explained, among other things, what is necessary to close loops.

Closing loops together

L’Oréal itself, as the distributor of many types of packaging, is aware of its responsibility to society and the environment.: as part of its sustainability strategy „L’Oréal For The Future,“ the company has developed the website “SCHÖN TRENNEN”(Separate Beautifully) to explain to consumers how to dispose of cosmetics packaging correctly. The Cologne-based Reclay Group was also available to the cosmetics specialist for this project with advice and assistance.

„With our Green Beauty sustainability program, we are assuming responsibility along our entire value chain. We focus on social commitment, more environmentally friendly formulas, recycled materials, more renewable energies, and are constantly working to combat plastic pollution. That is why we are particularly pleased to have a true recycling expert on our side with the Reclay Group. Only with strong partners can our program be implemented in the long term,“ says Mareike Bell, General Manager at Garnier Germany.