Amazon abandoning disposable plastic in India

The online retailer Amazon plans to ship orders in plastic-free packaging in India from mid-2020. For now, however, Amazon does not intend to eliminate plastic in Germany.

Amazon plans to do away with disposable plastic in its packaging in India from June 2020. Instead of bubble wrap and plastic cushions, the online giant announced that shipped items will be protected with paper padding, for example, to make the packaging more recyclable. The announcement is Amazon’s response to criticism that the company used too much plastic in its numerous packages. Indian prime minister Narendra Modi had only recently called on citizens to live more sustainably and to stop using disposable plastic, and several companies responded by announcing sustainability targets. India is one of the fastest growing retail markets in the world.

For now, Amazon has no plans to do away with disposable plastic. One reason is that plastic packaging is particularly light, and the company is also working on improving packaging and recycling options.