Baby Care Manufacturer Bübchen Converts Bottles

German baby care manufacturer Bübchen has switched its entire packaging portfolio to plastic made from 100 percent recycled material.

The Bübchen company uses so-called HDPE recyclate for its packaging, such as bottles for baby shampoo or care oil. This is not taken out of the beverage cycle. In this way, a Bübchen bottle can become a Bübchen bottle again.

By consistently switching its entire bottle portfolio to recycled material, Bübchen would save 634 tons of virgin plastic this year, the company said.

Since the acquisition of Bübchen by Dallmann’s Pharma GmbH, a subsidiary of Katjes International GmbH & Co. KG, Bübchen’s strategy has been focused on consistent sustainability. „As the market leader in babies’ and children’s care, we are proud to take a pioneering role in the consistent conversion of all bottles to recycled plastic,“ says Bübchen CEO, Martin Kemper. „Responsible use of limited resources is fundamental in protecting our children’s world.“