Demand for certification is on the increase

The Flustix Initiative is awarding the Flustix Recycled Seal to a product for the first time – to the organic tea with juice from TeeFee in a new bottle made of 100 percent recycled plastic.

The producer of organic children’s food, la marchante GmbH, is relaunching the packaging of its product TeeFee organic tea with juice. With the new 300 ml drinking bottle made of 100 percent recycled plastic, the company, in cooperation with the sustainability label Flustix, is setting an example for the protection of the environment. Through the independent test procedure with Flustix’s partner DIN CERTCO, Flustix was able to prove that 100 percent recycled plastic was used in the production of the TeeFee bottle. The TeeFee organic tea with juice is thus also the first product on the market to be awarded the „Flustix Recycled“ seal.

Previously, the iced tea was filled in a rather unwieldy 500 ml beverage carton. Due to the combination of paper, plastic films and aluminum, the packaging could neither be produced from recycled material nor recycled. „The new packaging is designed in a child-friendly form, has a resealable sports closure and is now made of recycled plastic only. This enables us to bring PET wastes into the sustainable material cycle and of recycling them, explains Jill Evelyn Erlach, Manager of la marchante GmbH, adding „with the participation of our r-PET bottles in the disposable deposit system, we are now also ensuring that our bottles can be returned to the recycling cycle“.

Since 2017 Flustix has been committed to supporting companies in their sustainable positioning in the plastics market. The demand for environmentally conscious and sustainable products and packaging is increasing, says Malte Biss, CEO and founder of Flustix: „We are seeing a steady increase in the use of recycled materials in the industry. This is of course a positive development and we welcome it. But consumers are also becoming more and more critical and are asking whether production is really environmentally conscious. In order to help companies strengthen buyer confidence, we highlight the recyclate share in our capacity as an independent authority.“

Background: The Flustix Initiative offers labelling in the plastic-free sector. The Flustix plastic-free labels, in cooperation with Wessling and RAL e.V., identify the cumulative product, packaging and contents, as well as products without microplastic, plastic-free packaging and products whose contents are plastic-free, but which are or must be packaged in plastic. The new combined label of Flustix and DINCERTCO (Conformity Assessment Society), the Flustix Recycled Seal , highlights products with recycled plastic content.