Ecotabs Instead of Plastic

Avoiding plastics is the goal of Green Home Living GmbH. With her online shop, in which she sells tabs for dissolving and producing cleaning agents as well as the matching spray bottles, she seems to have taken the pulse of the times.

Half a year ago, the managing directors and founders of the Berlin-based Green Home Living GmbH, Jannes Meier and Nicolas Pless, went online with their online shop And despite – or perhaps because of – Corona, they currently already have a customer base in the „five-digit range“, as Pless sums up.

The platform sells all-purpose, bathroom and window cleaners in the form of tabs. These are dissolved and the liquid is then used like a normal cleaning agent. According to the manufacturers, this is 100 percent biodegradable and has not been tested on animals.

Ecotabs also supplies the appropriate bottles for dissolving the tabs in tap water. The goods are delivered in recyclable cartons made of pasture grass. The first tabs were delivered in May. According to Pless, they have already been shipped in „six-digit numbers“. This means a saving of hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles.