Google with sustainability commitments

The Alphabet subsidiary „Google Consumer Hardware“ wants to ship its products in a climate-neutral manner by 2020 and install more recycled materials by 2022.

More and more companies are making a public commitment to sustainability – including Google’s Consumer Hardware division, which manufactures products such as pixel phones and the Google Home Mini intelligent speakers (see photo). „The construction and the delivery of these devices to our customers are very resource-intensive, however, and the disposal of our old electronics can lead to significant waste“, says Anna Meegan, Head of Sustainability, Consumer Hardware.

Meegan describes it as her mission to integrate sustainability into Google products, operations and communities. „It’s an ongoing effort,“ she says, „to design sustainability from the ground up and embed it in the entire product development process and in all of our operations“. To get closer to these goals, Google Consumer Hardware has set itself concrete sustainability commitments for hardware and services.


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For instance, by 2020, 100 percent of all shipments to or from customers are to be handled in a climate-neutral fashion. From 2022 onwards, 100 percent of Made-by-Google products are also to contain recycled materials, with the aim of gradually increasing the proportion of these materials. These commitments are understood as the further development of sustainability goals already achieved. From 2017 to 2018,  CO2 emissions for product shipping were apparently already reduced by 40 percent, and Google has been publishing product environmental reports since 2018.