Lego in Paper Bags

In the future, Lego will no longer be packaged in small plastic bags. By 2025, the toy is to be packaged only in paper and cardboard.

Lego bricks are specially designed to be reused for many generations. However, the boxes and other packaging of the popular play material are often disposed of too quickly, explains the manufacturer Lego. „Some of our packaging contains single-use plastic, which today is not sustainable or, in some cases, not recyclable. That’s why we’re taking swift action to ensure all our packaging is made from sustainable materials by 2025.“

The first step is the new paper bags in the packaging boxes. This will allow the company to say goodbye to single-use plastic „and make the move to recycled paper,“ the company explains. First, Lego will test recyclable paper bags the paper of which is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The new packaging will be phased in over a four-year period that started in 2021