Migros introduces plastic collection

Food retailer promotes plastic collection: the Migros Luzern cooperative is the first cooperative in the Migros Group (which also includes tegut in Germany) to introduce a plastic collection bag. The collected plastic will be sorted, recycled and reused for new packaging in the future.

The launch of the collection bag is intended to provide the population of central Switzerland with an easy way to collect plastic packaging at home and return it to one of over 40 Migros stores. In this way, the retail company, together with waste associations and customers, can make a further contribution to closing the plastic cycle. „We are delighted that things are now getting underway and that we can offer this sensible and sustainable service to the population of Central Switzerland,“ says Guido Rast, Head of the Migros Lucerne Cooperative. The collection bag is available in three sizes (17, 35 and 60 liters) at Migros and costs 0.90, 1.70 and 2.50 Swiss francs.

Cooperation with Central Switzerland waste associations

The waste associations welcome Migros‘ commitment to a holistic approach by not only collecting, but at the same time aiming to reuse the recyclate in its packaging in the future. „Only when a significant proportion of the collected plastic is reused for high-quality packaging can we speak of true closed-loop recycling,“ says Daniele Vergari of the Lucerne-based association REAL.

The collected material is taken over by the company InnoRecycling and sent for sorting. The InnoPlastics company then recycles the sorted material and produces regranulates. In the future, this recycled plastic will be used to create new packaging for Migros products. This will enable Migros to significantly reduce the proportion of new plastic material and help conserve resources. This potential also convinces the WWF: „The economical use of our resources requires a consistent focus on a comprehensive circular economy. The launch of the Migros plastic collection bag is an important step in this direction and can accelerate the necessary developments,“ says Thomas Vellacott, CEO WWF Switzerland. If the offer is well received by customers and the first stage is successful, the company plans to consider expanding plastic collection to other regions in Switzerland. Migros‘ commitment to reducing plastic is embedded in a holistic approach that focuses on avoidance, reuse and recycling. In addition, Migros is expanding its unpackaged range, introducing reusable packaging and more filling stations in its stores.