Packaging That Helps Sell Better

Packaging should not only protect its contents, but also provide information and support distribution. The example of the ifm group of companies and Karl Knauer shows how this interaction works in innovative packaging for complex high-tech.

The ifm Group has already won innovation awards for the „ifm moneo“ software and service package. The toolkit is intended for manufacturing companies which can use it to significantly increase their efficiency. With „ifm moneo“ data from sensors can be read and evaluated which are connected via interfaces with data processing systems and the company software – a valuable tool for Industry 4.0 for making company processes digitally usable.

Packaging specialist Karl Knauer has developed a likewise innovative demo kit for the distribution of „ifm moneo“, which is intended to boost sales. The ingenious packaging construction is designed to protect the complex and valuable contents, while at the same time presenting the sophisticated technology in a concise manner. How does the measurement technology work? How does the connection between software and sensor technology work? How does technical testing work? The demo kit can answer questions like these.

Large package tied up in a short time

The „time to market“ was short: in a development and production time of just under six months, the packaging experts at Karl Knauer, together with the project managers of the ifm group of companies, brought the sophisticated starter kit to market. The „ifm moneo|starterkit“ is a complex set packaging with a total of 13 packaging components including outer packaging ready for dispatch. It has several specially designed inserts as well as foam elements, Velcro fastener and carrying handle.

The packaging is equipped with a precisely designed presentation insert for the valuable sensors. Thanks to the design of the set, all electronic parts can be presented in an orderly, visually and didactically well thought-out manner. The particularly valuable elements worth several thousand euros are thus fixed and protected. In addition, the packaging set convinces by easy handling both for ifm, where the sets are assembled, and for the ifm field staff who can clearly demonstrate the technology to their customers with the set.

Shippability included

The mailing of the sales package was a particular challenge, not least because of its heavy weight – the heaviest product, the appliance, weighs three kilograms alone. A mere carton would not be sufficient for such a weight and for postal dispatch. The solution was the foam insert, which provides the necessary protection for the heavy contents. An included shipping bag rounds off the package, supports customer service and provides additional information space.

„With the packaging experts from Karl Knauer we were able to implement a very complex product, from development to market-ready production, extremely quickly. We needed just under six months from the idea to the finished solution,“ says Christoph Schneider from ifm in praise of the good cooperation. „Due to the many years of experience of our specialized development team and our outstanding technical equipment we are able to solve complex packaging tasks unusually fast and at the same time sophisticatedly“, Jürgen Knapps, Key Account Manager at Karl Knauer, explains the successful project.

„The electronics industry is a very exciting business area for us, and we will be significantly more active in it in the future. Marketing departments and packaging buyers are increasingly recognizing the potential of packaging in terms of brand impact, multifunctionality and effectiveness“.