Velux Dispenses with Plastic in Packaging

Roof window manufacturer Velux is introducing plastic-free packaging for 90 percent of its slanted roof windows. Instead of plastic, FSC-certified cardboard is used. By doing so, the company says it saves up to 900 tons of plastic annually and makes it easier for craft businesses to dispose of packaging waste.

By 2030 at the latest, roof window manufacturer Velux aims to supply packaging for all products made from a single, 100 percent recyclable material. In an elaborate development process, Velux has succeeded in developing packaging that eliminates all plastics and components made of expanded polystyrene (EPS, widely known as Styrofoam) and replaces them with cardboard solutions that are 100 percent FSC-certified and completely recyclable. For greater stability, individual elements are implemented in a honeycomb structure. The new cardboard thus retains the same functionality, and, thanks to extensive testing, safe transport of the products is still guaranteed. In addition to eliminating plastic waste, the conversion results in a 13 percent reduction in the carbon footprint of Velux Group’s skylight packaging, the company says.

The conversion is part of the roof window manufacturer’s sustainability strategy launched in 2020. By 2030, packaging for all products will be made of a single material, without plastic, and be 100 percent recyclable. In this first step, the new packaging will be used immediately for 90 percent of the slanted roof windows produced. However, due to storage effects, it could still take a few weeks before the old packaging is completely gone from the market. Step by step, Velux will also change the packaging for flashings as well as sun and heat protection products such as roller shutters, accessories, and all other skylight types. This new packaging is currently under development, according to Velux.