38 Winners of the German Packaging Award 2020

This time, solutions in the area of sustainability were among the main focuses of the entries in the competition organized by the German Packaging Institute. For the first time, however, ideas relating to digitization were also honored in a separate competition category.

Multi-level unboxing experiences, sustainable packaging concepts for the frozen food sector, „invisible“ digital codes: These are only a small part of the approaches and solutions submitted to the German Packaging Award this year. „We had a very strong, international field of participants with innovative solutions from Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom,“ reports Dr. Bettina Horenburg, Member of the Board and overall responsible for the German Packaging Award at the German Packaging Institute (dvi).

Horenburg was pleased with the number and quality of the entries. „40 percent of the innovations submitted are in the sustainability category. But the new competition category „Digitization“, which was held for the first time, was also a hit.

Packaging as an experience

Among other things, the jury was convinced by the packaging design of the Sigma multi-sport watch „iD. FREE“ from Hermann Höhing. One of the reasons given was that the packaging immediately picked up on the topography at the location where the multi-sport watch is used, whose target groups include mountain bikers and mountaineers. This is how it already goes up and downhill over several levels at the point of sale and during unboxing. The packaging invites you to explore, explore and discover.

The jury was also impressed by the sustainability of Hofmann Menü BioPap frozen food packaging. Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur has developed a menu tray that consists of over 95 percent certified cellulose. The cellulose is obtained from European spruce. The lid of the bowl, also made of cellulose, is connected by means of a wafer-thin sealing wax coating. The typical plastic film coatings can thus be dispensed with. The high cellulose content even makes it possible to compost the packaging.

All-round code for net

In the digitization category, a solution from Netto Marken Discount was among the winners. In order to take advantage of digitally stored information throughout the entire process from production to recycling, Netto equips private label packaging with a machine-readable label integrated into the design. This is applied to the entire packaging. It also contains the code for the red-light scanners at the cash registers. It is therefore not necessary to turn the code to the scanner. The code can provide consumers with additional information via an app. It also contains information about the packaging material used, which can make it easier to sort the packages from the „yellow bags“.

The special prizes in the categories sustainability and young talent, which will be awarded for the first time in 2020, will be announced together with the Gold Awards during the dvi Dialogue Week from September 21 to 25, 2020. The dvi website provides an overview of the winners from all ten competition categories.