Automated Logistics Solution for Schou

Schou, Scandinavia’s largest non-food retailer, has selected SSI Schaefer as general contractor for its new automated logistics center in Kolding, Denmark.

Schou is active in the B2B business and supplies most of the Nordic retail chains as well as foreign retail customers. According to SSI Schaefer, the company was able to score points in the contract award with its flexibility in preparing the offer and a solution-oriented approach. The intralogistics specialist proposed fundamental changes regarding the warehouse layout in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Until now, Schou’s operational activities were handled from a manual warehouse. With recent growth and future expansion plans, the company recognized the need to automate processes. The wholesaler will save costs through automation and benefit from more efficient use of inventory space, SSI Schaefer announced in January 2022. Once the new facility is realized, Schou will move all operational activities and warehousing there from several smaller manual logistics centers. The new building is divided into seven functional areas that cover the complete material flow from goods receipt to shipping to customers. SSI Schaefer will set up five of these areas, providing 39,792 storage locations in the high-bay warehouse.

„Out-of-order station“ for control purposes

The goods receiving area will be equipped with a film wrapping machine to wrap pallets in plastic film for safe transport and storage. There will also be a NIO (non-in-order) station so that minor defects in goods can be effectively checked and corrected. In the future, the pallets will be transported to the automated, 42-meter high-bay warehouse via appropriate conveyor technology. The goods will be picked up by six SSI Exyz stacker cranes and stored double-deep.

Schou commissioned SSI Schäfer to set up two functional zones for shipping: an automated direct outfeed and a picking area for promotional goods. The promotional goods picking area will be used for large sales volumes and special sales. This divert area is designed for manual picking with forklifts for shipment to 60 items. During this process, items will be replenished automatically to avoid stock shortages. The second outfeed area, located opposite the truck gates, includes seven conveyors and is intended for direct shipping. SSI Schaefer’s new warehouse will support Schou’s business operations as a complete logistics center. Project completion and handover are scheduled for summer 2023.