Design students develop eco-beverage packaging

Using a perforation mechanism, consumers can separate the individual material components from empty beverage containers: At least young designers from the Munich University of Applied Sciences have designed such a model. 

The Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE) honored the best business ideas from a course in the 2019 summer semester (Strascheg Award Level 1). First place went to four students from the Faculty of Design. As part of the „Real Projects“ entrepreneurship seminar at Munich University of Applied Sciences on the subject of „Sustainable Beverage Consumption 2030“, the team led by SCE project manager Mirko Franck developed the KANT beverage packaging.

Using a perforation mechanism, the packaging can be quickly and easily broken down into the material components cardboard, plastic and aluminium. Consumers can thus be playfully encouraged to separate and dispose of the individual materials correctly, thus improving the recycling rate. The project partners were the companies Hassia, symrise and Veltins.

The team applied for the Strascheg Award, the ideas competition of the Munich University of Applied Sciences, and convinced the jury from the start with its concept. Luisa Danzer, Mia Ellerstorfer, Rosalie Junghahn and Catherine Maier from the Faculty of Design were delighted with the prize money of 1,000 euros. With their victory, the students are automatically nominated for the second stage of the Strascheg Award in October 2019.