„Transition to a New Era“

The guiding theme of FACHPACK 2022 is „Transition in Packaging.“ We asked representatives from the packaging industry what this motto means to them. Read the answers from representatives of OPTIMA, Bluhm Systeme and Beckhoff.

Sabine Gauger, Management Support Manager OPTIMA packaging group GmbH, FACHPACK Trade Fair Advisory Board member:

„To be honest, I first had to Google the term myself. I was absolutely right with my assessment and find that this one word ʽtransitionʼ, sums up our current situation very well: the transition of a significant change and turning point in time. From organization to production, companies will have to adapt even faster and even more flexibly to the market and the overall situation worldwide in the future. Sustainability, digitalization, procurement, and many other top issues of our time are building blocks in a complex transition. I am pleased that we will be addressing this important topic at FACHPACK.“

Andreas Koch, Sales Director Bluhm Systeme and FACHPACK Exhibition Advisory Board:

Andreas Koch Bluhm Systeme„The packaging industry is in a constant state of change due to new legal regulations and its members‘ own development drive. Digitalization is increasingly playing a role in the topic of packaging labeling. It is important for producers that labeling is fully integrated digitally, for example in incoming/outgoing goods or in production, and – where possible – still offers added value. Future solutions go far beyond the application of a label. Some customers are using machine-readable codes that have to be applied to the goods and individualize them, for example, to control warehousing or picking.“

Photo: Bluhm Systeme

Frank Würthner, Packaging Technology Industry Management at Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG, FACHPACK Trade Show Advisory Board:

Beckhoff Automation, Frank Würthner,

„The packaging industry is actually undergoing a real transformation at the moment. Associated with this is the change in processes, especially due to new and more flexible concepts in the area of product transport among other things. Completely new machine concepts can be developed with intelligent transport systems. Another trend is that a lot of packaging will be called into question in the future. New materials will be required that can be used more efficiently and conserve resources. Automation technology will, therefore, play an even greater role. True to the motto ‘Engineers must save the world!’

Photo: Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co