Innovative packaging for nail polish

At this year’s Swiss Packing Awards, a nail polish bottle cap with integrated spring mechanism was also convincing.

Nail varnish bottles often present users with a problem: the amount of contents gradually decreases, but the brush in the cap does not reach to the bottom of the bottle. This complicates the emptying of the remainder, as the bottle has to be tilted to reach the rest of the lacquer with the brush head. Deflaco AG has found a solution to this problem with the Springflex system.

The innovative system cap opens and closes the bottle with only a quarter turn instead of the usual three full turns. In addition, the integrated tension spring ensures that the brush is guided to the bottom of the bottle when it is opened and snaps back again when it is closed. The associated advantages also convinced the jury of this year’s Swiss Packaging Award, which presented the system with the 2019 Award in the „Convenience“ category.


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The jury’s comment: „The SpringFlex system is a comfort innovation. The system solves a problem simply and conveniently. The cap has a built-in spring mechanism that holds the applicator in the same position in the bottle. In contrast to conventional nail polish bottles, it is therefore no longer necessary to open and close the cap again and again in order to optimally wet the applicator brush. This results in considerable relief and time savings.“