Online Marketplace for Corrugated Board

The digital marketplace Box Inc. has been up and running in Germany since May. The company wants to help small and medium-sized companies in particular to procure corrugated board packaging as easily as possible. Box Inc also promises suppliers advantages.

Simple and fast online ordering: This is particularly familiar from the consumer sector. With Box Inc, founded in 2019 and present on the German market since May 2020, there is now also a digital marketplace for corrugated board. The platform is designed to make the ordering process easier for customers and reduce the time and effort required to find a good offer from reliable suppliers. The platform belongs to Stora Enso, one of the largest forestry companies and paper and packaging manufacturers in the world. According to the company, Box Inc operates as a separate and independent company, but follows Stora Enso’s Supplier Code of Conduct with regard to sustainability.

Suppliers attract new customers

For customers, the ordering process is straightforward: select a product, request a quote, compare offers and book. Suppliers can also participate without much fuss, thus gaining access to new customers. Box Inc emphasizes that suppliers save costs by participating, since they do not necessarily have to invest in their own e-commerce platform. „Box Inc is digitizing the traditional purchasing process by enabling buyers and sellers of corrugated board packaging to manage the entire procurement process online,“ summarizes Mikael Fristedt Westre, CEO of Box Inc. „As customers increasingly expect digital convenience, we offer an intelligent solution that reduces the time and effort required to find the best offer“.