Pilot Project from Henkel and Amazon

The natural cosmetics brand N.A.E., which belongs to Henkel Beauty Care, started an e-commerce pilot project with Amazon. With less packaging material and optimized supply chain processes, the brand intends to further emphasize its commitment to sustainability.

The abbreviation N.A.E. stands for „Naturale Antica Erboristeria“, which means „natural, traditional herbalism“. The brand aims to respond to the current trend towards natural cosmetic products. And of course sustainability should also be reflected in the packaging. For example, the company uses tubes made of sugar cane based on plastic and recycled PET bottles.

In July 2020 N.A.E. started a pilot project with Amazon: Since then a plastic-free „N.A.E. Feststücke-Box“ has been available in Germany, Italy and France and can be ordered exclusively on Amazon. Each box contains a solid shower care and facial cleansing as well as a solid shampoo and a reusable soap bag.

Packaging minimized

The plastic-free packaging is completely recyclable. The boxes are made entirely of FSC-certified paper. The pieces in the box are not specially packed, which saves material. They are already ready for shipment, so no secondary packaging from Amazon is required.

Only an address label is needed to make the boxes ready for shipment to consumers. The solution not only saves material but also simplifies supply chain processes. Because the products can be delivered directly in the box itself, there is no need for additional packaging.