Porridge in a Jar

Cereal manufacturer 3Bears from Munich has hired a local artist for a special packaging.

The Overnight Oats jar from 3Bears is a practical packaging for fans of the cold porridge variety: Fill in 3Bears mixture up to the first mark, liquid up to the second mark, stir, close, and let soak.

From July 14, 2021, on there will be a special version of the bestseller: Munich-based artist and illustrator Miriam Frank interprets the 3Bears spirit in her typical tattoo art style for the first Overnight Oats jar special edition by 3Bears. The idea for the collaboration between the Munich-based porridge and Overnight Oats brand and the artist, illustrator, and tattoo artist Miriam Frank, who is also based there, came about during the first lockdown to combat the corona pandemic in spring 2020: the special edition was inspired by an art campaign during that time.

„We’ve been thinking about a Special Edition of our Overnight Oats jar for quite some time, simply to turn the practical accessory into a piece of jewelry for the kitchen shelf or table setting as well. Miriam Frank’s unique illustration style had been on our radar for a while, then came her creative art campaign ‚Ich bleibe Zuhause‘ (I will stay at home), where she went around Munich during the first lockdown with her blue and red papier-mâché house – as a tattoo artist who wasn’t allowed to work. I liked it so much that I simply wrote to Miriam asking, if she would like to draw a special edition for us,“ says Alfons Deinhard, Head of Brand at 3Bears GmbH, looking back on the beginning of the collaboration.

Frank designed the Overnight Oats jar special edition in her typical tattoo illustration style, with colored fruit varieties and, of course, the familiar filling quantity markings on the glass, now applied in her handwriting.