Rediscovered way of making coffee

New and old ways of processing enrich product innovations in the food and beverage sector. Let us take coffee as an example.

Convenience products have evolved not only through nutritional and consumer trends, but also through new processing techniques. The Federal Association of the German Food Industry (Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen Ernährungsindustrie) has recently published a trend study showing that innovative production processes are now purposefully marketed as a unique selling point. The study was also presented at Anuga, the food and beverage trade fair in Cologne.

A striking example in the soft drinks range is the segment of ready-to-drink cold-extracted coffees. Under the name Cold Brew Coffee, this is a rediscovered way of making coffee with cold water that contains fewer bitter substances and acids than the usual form of preparation with hot water. The ready-to-drink version is particularly popular today. It is now also available supplemented by various fruity flavors as well as made in sparkling form with carbonated water. In the past four years, this segment has grown particularly strongly in Germany, where in 2018 altogether 13.6 percent more ready-to-drink coffee innovations were launched on the market than in 2014. According to the Federal Association of the German Food Industry, growth worldwide was 12.4 percent.