Smart packaging at any time

With the newly developed multi-format packaging system PackOnTime, Kern AG has won this year’s Swiss Packaging Award in the technology category.

A well-known problem in the online trading boom is that the purchased products are often conveyed to the customer in oversized shipping packages. This increases the costs of the actual transport and of the necessary padding and filling materials. In addition, it also has a negative influence on the environmental balance of the overall shipping process.

Kern AG has developed a solution to this problem in the form of the PackOnTime project, which also won over the 15-member jury of experts at the Swiss Packaging Awards. They elected the multi-format packaging system as the winner in the technology category.


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The innovative packaging system operates with sustainable recycled cardboard and makes additional filling materials such as plastic, bubble wrap, polystyrene etc. immediately superfluous. Ordered articles of all kinds, whether just one or a number of products, are first measured in 3D. Then an intrinsically stable shipping box in the individually required dimensions is produced by machine and the goods to be shipped are automatically passed to it and packed.

According to Kern AG, this packaging system is primarily intended to address the globally booming parcel shipping market and the entire delivery chain process is to be made more environmentally friendly by means of precisely fitting packaging. Not only will this save on packaging materials, but also the precisely fitting packaging will make it possible to better utilize the capacity of the delivery vehicles, and consequently to save on CO₂ emissions.