Sweet thanks to the mothers

Flowers or chocolate? Or better both? The main thing is that they are beautifully packaged: that’s what many sons, daughters and husbands say to each other who want to give something to their mothers on Mother’s Day.

A bouquet of pralines, a bacon mouse cake or fruit gum hearts, served in an individually printed cup: The gifts on Mother’s Day remain classic in content, but the packaging has become more imaginative and varied. The confectionery industry has come up with some ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day and to offer alternatives to the chocolate box with ribbon. Confectionery supplier Hussel has the Confiserie Strauss – garnished with Belgian chocolates – on offer online. Alternatively, there is the small, sweet flower greeting: a pot flower made of colourful chocolate. But there is also a range of Mother’s Day sweets that play with women’s clichés and are real eye-catchers. The „Fashion Queen Set“, for example: High heels, sunglasses and handbags in miniature format and for biting because they are made of dark and milk chocolate. Anyone who fears that the sweet contents will turn into hip gold after consumption will place the eye-catching box somewhere where as many people as possible can admire the Mother’s Day present.

One of Hussel’s new products is the „Gleichberechtigung“ (Equal Opportunity) plaque. „Mother’s Day gifts may also come from the heartman. Especially on this special day, the motto is ‚Happy Wife Happy Life‘ and so it is beyond question that equality today means that the greater proportion of our delicious pralines and truffles is due to her,“ says the product description. The packaging shows how much the man is allowed to eat – less – and how much the woman is allowed to eat.

Personal greetings on the packaging

Several confectionery companies have redesigned their websites in time for Mother’s Day so that Mother’s Day catches the eye first. Under the heading „Mother’s Day“, Lindt & Sprüngli has chocolate boxes and cans with emotional statements such as „Only for you“ or „All you love“ to choose from. However, the products are not only designed for Mother’s Day, but can also fit in with other occasions. If you wish, you can order an individual packaging in our online shop and have it labeled accordingly.


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Yvonne Catterfeld says „Thank you, Mama“ for Merci.

The Storck company has the German singer Yvonne Catterfeld say „Thank you, Mama“ in the video clip on the „Merci“ brand page.  Storck customers can send their mother an individual Merci pack by uploading a photo online and writing a few lines. Milka, which belongs to Mondelez, also has the Mother’s Day edition, so that Milka customers can send their mothers individual packaging if they enter the appropriate text and photo in the online order.

Traditionally, however, on Mother’s Day, flowers are still the main gift, explains the Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE). However, vouchers and small gifts such as chocolates are still often sold over the counter. Many customers also buy greeting cards, gift packaging and decorations. In addition, many mothers receive gifts of perfume, porcelain, bags, jewellery, leather goods or clothing, according to HDE’s Occasion-Based-Shopping, which is the name of occasion-related shopping in the marketing world. According to a study by the market research institute GfK, 40 per cent of all purchases have an occasion.