Cereals in a deceptive package

There is less content in the packaging, but the price is the old one: Such food packs are called deceptive packs by consumer protectors.

For Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg, the “deceptive packaging of the month” is not a single product, but several. The Kellogg’s Group has reduced the filling quantities of various cereals across its range and is thus implementing hidden price increases of up to 14 percent, explains the consumer advice centre. Kellogg’s has reduced the content of at least ten cereal brands. Nine packs now contain only 330 grams instead of 375 grams. However, the price for the cereals has not changed. Many XXL packs have also become smaller, often from 700 to 600 grams.

“In order to be able to update the recommended retail price per pack, we had to adjust the grammage per pack for some of the products in our wide range due to general cost pressure,” Kellogg’s wrote at the request of Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg, refusing to comment in detail. Cornflakes are the only product that has not been so drastically reduced: The packaging now contains 360 grams instead of 375 grams. With the same selling price, however, this still corresponds to a price increase of four percent. The consumer center has already made many hidden price increases public and voted them “deceptive packaging of the month”. The “Chipsletten” have been awarded the “Deceptive Pack of the Year 2018” juggling prize.
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