New standards for industrial marking

Best before dates, QR codes or serial numbers must be printed on packaging. New legislation and the need for product traceability are causing the market for marking systems to grow steadily. The stationery manufacturer Edding has expanded its product range and is cooperating in the field of marking with Elried Markierungssysteme GmbH, a supplier in the field of industrial marking and labelling.

Edding Tech Solutions, the Edding start-up Edding, and Elried Markierungssysteme GmbH have together developed printers which are particularly used in the pharmaceutical and food industries and logistics. Based in Ahrensburg near Hamburg, Edding has been an expert in durable markings for almost 60 years. Elried Markierungssysteme from Oberhaching, which was founded almost at the same time, is one of the leading suppliers of mechanical marking systems. The two have pooled their expertise and developed innovative compact printers, in close cooperation with users.

The developers have succeeded in integrating numerous innovations into an extremely compact housing. “The integrated communication capabilities ensure that the correct marking is always automatically applied to the appropriate product, ruling out incorrect or missing marking,” explains the company, noting that almost any material can be printed, such as cardboard, plastic, glass and metal.


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The “in-line 12” series is a highly integrated printing system for easy installation in new and existing production lines. The system is supplied as a complete package with the necessary accessories. Thanks to the simple handling, specialised technicians can be almost entirely dispensed with. Via its numerous inputs and outputs, the Compact Printer can communicate as required with upstream and downstream machines and be fully integrated into existing networks. This can increase production efficiency, eliminate miscoding and ultimately enter the 4.0 industrial era.

The portable 12 is an innovative mobile printing system that can be used anywhere in the plant and in production. With the functionalities of the edding in-line 12, supplemented by a positioning laser and industrial rechargeable battery, texts, barcodes and graphics can be printed in high-resolution on all materials. The intelligent communication technology makes it possible to capture data for coding from any existing data source within the company or simply use a barcode scanner to generate the print text. The edding portable 12 comes in a practical carrying case including a high-speed charger and Metabo LiHD high-performance rechargeable battery.

Specially designed inks have been developed for a wide variety of industrial marking surfaces. These include inks for absorbent surfaces such as paper, cardboard and wood, or smooth surfaces such as plastic, metal and glass. Special colours are also available for food or UV-readable inks.

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