Walmart wants to reduce plastic waste

Packaging waste is also an issue for retailers in the USA. Walmart has now issued a declaration of self-commitment.

Walmart wants to reduce plastic waste and encourage brand suppliers in the USA to make similar commitments to reducing packaging. Walmart has worked with suppliers to improve the sustainability of its packaging for private brand products, the company says. The focus is on increasing recyclability and customer reuse.

Walmart has also announced that it has entered into the following commitments with its U.S. brand suppliers: To use only recyclable, reusable, or industrially compostable private brand packaging by 2025, to offer at least 20 percent recycled content to consumers in private brand packaging by 2025 and to eliminate PVC, the non-recyclable packaging material, in general product packaging by 2020.


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The company has also introduced a new recycling book that provides information for companies that pursue recyclable packaging alternatives and recycled content goals. The Recycling Playbook provides an overview of which types of plastic packaging are more easily recyclable and provides information on recycling challenges for specific packaging materials. This new recycling guide complements Walmart’s existing Sustainable Packaging Playbook, which provides information on best practices for sustainable packaging, such as optimising packaging design and using consumer-friendly recycled labels.

Walmart is currently looking for low-cost, high-quality alternatives to disposable plastic products such as straws or cutlery and will provide customers with recyclable containers such as plastic bags and plastic films.

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