With the returnable box to the fresh food counter

Nordsee GmbH is increasingly focusing on environmental protection. Since July 2019 it has been possible to shop in all NORDSEE branches with seafood buffets and their own boxes.

Avoiding packaging waste is the trend. This is why Nordsee GmbH (Fischsystemgastronomie) has made it possible since July 2019 to shop in all its branches with fresh fish sales counters (almost 40 per cent of all branches) using the reusable box which they have brought along themselves. The employees on site pack the desired product in the respective box. This enables customers to quickly and easily dispense with disposable packaging and thus avoid waste.

Nordsee GmbH has also demonstrated environmental awareness in other areas. In this way, customers can work together with NORDSEE in the fight against food waste. Since 2018 the company has been cooperating with “Too Good To Go”, an app against food waste.

In a modern, uncomplicated way, according to NORDSEE, it is possible to offer dishes and snacks cheaper every day and at the same time protect the environment thanks to the fish lovers’ app. After only one year, around 250,000 portions could be saved from the garbage can in this way. The company has also introduced Doggybag stations with sustainable and biodegradable packaging. In 2018 it was awarded the federal prize “Zu gut für die Tonne” for this.

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