Bio-Film for Rapunzel Sugar

After the changeover of Swiss chocolates to bio-film, Rapunzel Naturkost is now changing the packaging for the sugars. The previous inner film made of plastic is replaced by a bio-film.

Rapunzel Naturkost announces a further step towards sustainable packaging. The inner film and the wrapping paper bag of the whole cane and raw cane sugar as well as alternative sweeteners are made of wood fibres of sustainable forestry. Only printing inks free of mineral oil are used, as the company emphasizes. Whole cane sugar, raw cane sugar and alternative sweeteners are highly hygroscopic. This means that the sugar in a pure paper bag would easily draw moisture and thus clump. The bio-film therefore provides additional protection for these products.

Separate ways of disposal

The outer layer of paper must be disposed of in the waste paper. The inner bio-film can be disposed of in the household compost or it can be fed into the recycling cycle via the “Gelbe Tonne” or the “Gelber Sack”. It should not be disposed of in the organic waste garbage can, because: The service life in industrial composting plants is too short. In addition, packaging must generally not be disposed of in the organic garbage can, as Rapunzel Naturkost emphasizes. The sorters do not distinguish between organic and plastic film. Also the waste paper ton is, despite the source material wood fiber, the wrong place for the disposal of the bio film.

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