Cooler Bag with Recyclable Kraft Paper

Mondi has come up with “Fresh!Packing,” a cooler bag made of kraft paper that protects chilled or frozen goods during transport homewords from the store.

Called Fresh!Bag, the outer layer of the cooler bag is made entirely of Mondi’s durable kraft paper, which replaces traditionally used non-recyclable packaging made of multi-materials while improving refrigeration protection by up to 2.5 times, the company says.

The solution is certified as fully recyclable. The bag’s refrigeration element is made of cellulose enclosed in Mondi’s kraft paper. The kraft paper has high extensibility, which allows for easy sewing of the different layers to create a strong bag structure.

The bags are durable and can be reused multiple times by the consumer. Mondi’s kraft paper offers retailers good printability for branding and messaging. Fresh!Bag recently won the 2022 German Packaging Award in the “Functionality & Convenience” category. Now Fresh!Packaging is aiming for a Europe-wide market launch of the bag.

Alexander Baars, International Sales Manager Specialty Kraft Paper at Mondi, says: “Fresh!Bag offers retailers a really exciting opportunity. The solution responds to consumer demand for more sustainable packaging while offering convenience and shelf life for frozen and chilled goods.”

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