FACHPACK Announces New Key Theme

On the second day of the trade fair, FACHPACK bosses Heike Slotta and Phillip Blass drew up a mid-term balance. At the same time, Slotta announced the trade fair’s leading theme for 2022 at a press lunch: Transition in Packaging.

“Are you also like me, I have really enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the last 1.5 days. Finally, there are again the personal encounters and exchanges with each other, the FACHPACK trade fair campfire is burning again. The mood is good, or so we hear,” said Heike Slotta, Executive Director of FACHPACK to around 50 press representatives from Germany and abroad.

She said that FACHPACK had once again provided an impressive example of how the trade fair as a marketing platform has proven its worth. Because more happens there than “just” sales. Rather, he said, it’s about building and maintaining customer relationships, positioning corporate and product brands, and attracting media attention that a single company can’t achieve on its own. “It’s about networking all market participants with each other and thus securing the future,” Slotta said. Trade show director Phillip Blass added that the events in the forums were very well received by visitors.

E-commerce and digitalization as topics at FACHPACK 2022

“We make the future” is the FACHPACK claim. In 2022, says Slotta, the guiding theme of the trade fair for the packaging industry will be “Transition in Packaging”. The leading theme of this year’s and the previous trade show was “Environmentally Friendly Packaging.” Next year, from September 27 to 29, 2022, FACHPACK plans to address the question of which strong currents are currently affecting the packaging industry and changing it profoundly, he said.

Slotta cited sustainability, circular economy, e-commerce and digitalization as topics. “The aftermath of the pandemic is being felt, such as the increase in mail order and delivery services. Consumer behavior is changing, and future generations have different expectations of society and its way of life. We want to shed light on this in FACHPACK 2022’s new keynote theme, “Transition in Packaging.” Transition comes from Latin, Slotta explained, “and it is a word with many meanings: to pass over, but also to transform. Passing by, but also disappearing and dying. To go through and pass through, but also to bring there.” For the packaging industry, he said, the new guiding theme means, “In transition, change is possible, and there are definitely many new opportunities.”

When asked, Slotta explained that the topic was also about picking up on and presenting the trends from the consumer’s point of view. The trade, the packaging sector and the industry are responding to consumers. This is what the trade show wants to reflect.

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