New Potato Nets at Norma

Nuremberg-based discount grocer Norma is using new packaging for its Ernte Krone potato brand. This saves up to 50 percent of the material used.

The food retailer Norma continues to roll out its sustainability strategy. Not only for potatoes of the own brand “Bio Sonne”, but also for the “Ente Krone” a reduced form of packaging is now used. Thanks to the new and optimized Carry Fresh Nets (CLAF), up to 50 percent of the packaging material can be saved, according to the company. In addition, only one material is used for the net and band during production. Disposal in the yellow garbage can is thus made easier. The packaging nets have the usual properties, are tear-resistant, sturdy and easy to carry, as Norma emphasizes.

The potatoes of the brand “Bio Sonne” have already been offered in the CLAF nets for several months. With 23 grams of plastic per square meter, significantly fewer resources are used in the production of the nets for the 1.5 kilos of organic potatoes than would otherwise be the case (55g/sqm). In addition, the material convinces with its recyclability. The fact that “Ernte Krone” is now following suit underlines Norma’s approach of taking a close look at every package in terms of sustainability.

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