Squaring the Capsule

Tchibo brings cubes into play: The retailer has launched a new coffee capsule called Qbo. The new system is said to be more sustainable than previous coffee packaging.

The new capsule system brings more quality and more sustainability, Tchibo says. While other retailers such as the drugstore retailer Rossmann distance themselves from the label climate neutrality, Tchibo relies entirely on the designation climate neutral. CO2 is saved wherever possible. Tchibo offsets any remaining environmental impact together with myclimate as a partner and supports its carbon offset projects. “This makes Qbo not only the first climate-neutral coffee from Tchibo, but also the capsule system of the future,” it says.

Good stackability

What makes Qbo capsules so special is their square shape. The compact “cubes” are smaller than other coffee capsules and can also be stacked more easily and packaged in a space-saving manner. What’s more, the capsules are made from 70 percent renewable raw materials and are recyclable.

The coffee in the cubes is also produced sustainably: it is certified organic, Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance. “The raw materials we use for our Qbo capsules belong to the so-called second generation – that is, organic waste and by-products from industry. The proportion of renewable raw materials is fed through a mass balance approach, which is certified by the recognized ISCC PLUS system. This certification also provides transparent traceability throughout the entire supply chain, from raw material to finished coffee capsule,” explains Tchibo.

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