Corrugated Board for Fresh Food

Amidori already uses it, the new “Eco Bowl”. The packaging experts from DS Smith and Multivac have joined forces for this innovative packaging solution, which consists primarily of corrugated board. The “Eco Bowl” can reduce the proportion of plastic by up to 85 percent.

“Let’s make the world a better place”: That’s the motto of Amidori. For the manufacturer of plant-based meat replacement products, the guiding principle should naturally also be reflected in the sustainability of the packaging. In its search for the most sustainable packaging solution possible, the company found what it was looking for in DS Smith and Multivac. The two have entered into a strategic partnership to develop and produce the “Eco Bowl”: an innovative solution for fresh food in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) based on corrugated board.

Inner film with additional benefits

The “Eco Bowl” is a fully recyclable corrugated cardboard tray covered with a skin and a plastic top film. According to the manufacturers, the plastic content is up to 85 percent lower than that of a conventional plastic tray. The companies promise maximum scalability of the solution. The plastic skin and top film can be easily removed for disposal to feed the corrugated board tray into the recycling stream.

The inner film can be removed from the carrier tray with a flick of the wrist and used, for example, if the product is to be frozen. This can save additional packaging material. The “Eco Bowl” is designed for processing on Multivac thermoform packaging machines and tray sealers. According to the manufacturer, the shelf life of food products packaged in the Bowl is the same or even longer than that of conventional MAP packaging.

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