Poultry supplier Claus reduces plastic packaging

The firm Frisch-Geflügel Claus („Fresh poultry Claus”) is the first poultry supplier in Germany to take innovative paths in terms of packaging reduction and reports that it is reducing the proportion of plastic used by up to 80 percent.

Frisch-Geflügel Claus focuses on sustainability and is the first poultry supplier in Germany to start with an innovative hybrid packaging, which significantly saves on plastic. The company reports that the paper-based food packaging replaces conventional plastic trays and thus reduces the use of plastic by up to 80 percent, the. As a completely gas-tight modified-atmosphere  packaging made predominantly of cardboard, it ensures excellent food shelf life. This makes it the ideal protective packaging for perishable foods such as meat or ready meals. In future, poultry products will be packaged in cardboard trays covered with a wafer-thin sealing film. The easy separability makes recycling of cardboard and plastic easy for consumers. After the plastic film has been removed, it can be disposed of in paper waste. Claus fresh poultry products will be available in the new packaging as of the beginning of 2020.

The thin, transparent EVOH film used in production is water-tight and gas-tight and prevents any contact with the food it contains. The use of plastic with perishable foods is reduced to the absolute minimum required without compromising hygiene or shelf life. The new hybrid packaging is also microwaveable and can be heated in the oven. It is also possible to freeze food directly in the packaging. Various qualities of solid board, such as primary or recycled fiber, are used as material for the packaging. “Many consumers are very concerned about sustainability and are therefore increasingly turning to ecological packaging. Food markets should not ignore this, but instead adjust their range of fresh meat packaging to it in the interests of the environment,” explains Managing Director Stefan Claus.

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