International Flair at the Start-up Area

At FachPack, young up-and-coming companies show their innovative products and processes for packaging manufacturers and users. For the first time, FachPack also puts international start-ups into the spotlight.

Directly next to the German start-ups, an area was designed in hall 9 that in addition to presentation spaces also offers a lounge for socializing and networking. Here you will hear and speak more English than German, the international flair is palpable in the small space. In addition, there is a forum here that attracts new visitors again and again.

In the forum, all the FachPack’s start-ups can introduce their innovations in small pitch formats to the interested expert audience. That start-up entrepreneurs are not young nerds is, according to Christoph Rommel of BaystartUP, proven by Guillermo Fumero. The owner of the Freiburg company Extheria, which was founded in May 2019, has long been active in the industry and has contributed his experiences to the development of a new company. He introduced pallet systems that are operated digitally. The traditional packaging that travels into the world needs an intelligent, digital accompaniment, so the concept. “Our clients are traditional packaging manufacturers.” He guarantees them more safety for their products, as a result of digital survaillance systems. Companies lose millions due to counterfeits and stolen products or gaps in the refrigeration chain, he explains. A packaging system with light sensors, however, will tell you whether a box was opened during transport or storage. “Our programs are made by people who work for the banking sector in Switzerland“, he said.

Anna-Lena Zurstraßen is standing right next to the forum. The young woman is a trainee at the start-up Company xt Supply from Oelde. The company is specialized in the distribution of all kinds of packaging materials – like cardboard boxes, adhesive or strapping tapes – and is active as a wholesaler in all of Germany. By way of collaborations with platforms, the acquisition of packaging materials could be organized digitally and in a process-oriented way, the young woman explains well-versed. One would never notice that she is presenting her work at a fair for the first time.

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